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Our Story

Henkan was founded with the aim to support blue chip organisations optimising their Continuous Improvement methodology. In the beginning, we helped a small number of clients, including the global giant Saint-Gobain. 

We provided them with model development, training and consultancy that saved the company over €300M. Since then, we have grown as a brand, assisting companies worldwide to become their best selves.


Henkan's Journey


The start of a long-lasting relationship with Unilever.

Some of the many achievements they take pride in include the following: 

  • 36% reduction in Lead Time generating savings of over £1 Million
  •  31% reduction in waste 
  •  Sustained OEE performance on the introduction of new products


Henkan was instrumental in the implementation of Lean in Philips, developing a Lean Leadership course that to date has trained over 1,000 people.

Philips Factory Lean Roll-out

Henkan led the first Philips factory to achieve full roll-out of the corporate Lean programme, €11.5 Million savings.


Novel People Programme

Henkan developed a progressive People Development programme for Saint-Gobain to place emphasis on how to drive out loss by effectively engaging the workforce and leadership.


Heineken TPM Programme

Henkan was invited by Heineken to be their lead auditors. This has now expanded to include programme development, training, coaching and ongoing support.


New Strategy for Henkan

Henkan offers innovative approaches to applying continuous improvement as it ventures into new markets and further grows its existing, long-lasting relationships.

Nov 09, 2017

Factory of the Year Award

Henkan supported Philips Avent UK to achieve Factory of the Year Award.


Henkan Adopts Remote Capabilities

In response to the global pandemic, Henkan adapts its operations to support remote working and the continuation of its normal services. 


Henkan Today

Today our business is based on the same desire to provide continuous improvement that offers long-term benefits.

We strive to understand our client's challenges and work to develop solutions that best meet their objectives.


Collaborating with 4C Associates for Greater Impact

In 2023, we joined forces with 4C Associates, a leading global consultancy in commercial, supply chain, and operations. Our focus remains on delivering sustainable impact for clients.


Henkan's Tools

Our expertise in these three traditional areas enables us to blend each application and reach our client’s specific goals. Robust application of TPM within an existing Lean programme or the application of Lean tools within a TPM/WCM programme are only a few examples. Our Intelligent Blend also calls upon using Six Sigma tools selectively and appropriately based on your needs.

worker fixing machine

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

The full scope of TPM application in accordance with JIPM methodology through our accredited instructors.

engineers discussing issue

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Comprehensive understanding and application of WCM, aligned to the Professor Yamashina model.

engineers assembling machinery

Lean Manufacturing

Wide ranging application of the Lean philosophy based upon the Toyota Production System (TPS) across manufacturing, supply chain and transactional processes.

Our People

James Cuthbert​

Managing Director ​

George KesicSenior Consultant

George Kesic

Technical Director

Paul Wright -Founder and Managing Director

Paul Wright

Chairman of Henkan

André Luís PereiraBusiness Development Lead

André Pereira

Business Development

Female smiling

Julie Evans

Office Manager

Alex Lipnitskiy-Senior Consultant

Alex Lipnitskiy

Senior Consultant

Head of Sales

Stephen Croxton​

Head of Sales


Nikol Dicheva

Marketing and Brand Lead

The Henkan Way

Excellence can be achieved by engaging your people in applying an intelligent blend of Continuous Improvement tools to transform your performance and sustain improvements over the long term.